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2018 BC Provincial Open Championship

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The BC Open Provincial Championship is an IBJJF style tournament. Open to ages 5 and up, all belt and skill levels. 

Kids and Juveniles are Gi and No Gi , double elimination.

Adult and Master 1 and 2 Gi Divisions.

Female adult and masters are guaranteed two matches. Male adult and masters are single elimination.

Weigh-ins are held the same day of the event and you can weigh in no earlier than 3 hours before your scheduled match time. Weigh ins for gi are done with the full gi and belt on. Kids are allowed a 2 pound allowance. Adults and Masters must make weight or will be disqualified.

If you are competing in gi and no gi you need to register for the same weight class for both. You only weigh in one time and that is for your gi event.

Adults and Masters that medal in their division can sign up for the Absolute Division.

April 2 to May 19 fees are: $50 for youth divisions, $80 for adult and masters.

Use coupon code 'BC earlybird' from April 2 to April 15 to save $20 on your registration.

After May 19 fees are: $65 for youth divisions, $95 for adult and masters.

Youth can register in a second event for only $30.

Black belts have free registration with coupon code 'blackbelt'.

Last day to register is June 2 or until 650 registrations have been reached.

Full refunds up until June 9, full credits from June 10 to June 13.

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2018 Alberta Provincial Open Championship


The Alberta Provincial Open Championship will be in Calgary on May 12! This tournament is now full with over 800 confirmed registrations. 

Full refunds up until May 5, full credits from May 6 to May 9.

For the adult and masters division absolutes:
You must medal in your division to be able to sign up for the absolutes. If you medal in the master division you can only enter the master absolutes, if you medal in the adult division you can only enter the adult absolutes.
There are championship belts up for grabs in the following divisions:

  • Female Adult Blue Belt
  • Female Adult Purple, Brown and Black Belts
  • Male Adult Blue Belt
  • Male Adult Purple Belt
  • Male Adult Brown Belt
  • Male Adult Black Belt

First, second and third place Team trophies will be awarded to the following:

  • Kids Gi
  • Kids No Gi
  • Adult Gi
  • Masters Gi

What you need to know about the AB Provincials!

1 - Check your brackets - there have been people moving and cancelling so double check your brackets. The schedule will be set by Monday May 7.

2 - Weigh ins - kids will weigh in as soon as they arrive. Doors will open at 7:45am and kids will weigh in from youngest to oldest. Adults and masters can weigh in No MORE than 3 hours prior to their match time.

3 - Location - the entrance is the Special Events Gymnasium on the NE side of the building. Use the South parking lot as it is larger. There is a parade in the area that day so please note the road closures map below.

4 - Food on Site - within Genesis there is only Jugo Juice but there is a Safeway and Boston Pizza across the street, Tim Horton's is further down on 80th Ave

5 - Review the FAQs and rules pages on our website if you have never been to a CBJJF tournament before.

6 - Be ready at least 1 hour before your match time - we post live times for matches and we will start matches early if we can. It is your responsibility to check for updates (how-to)

7 - Adults and Masters!!! - Female divisions are guaranteed two matches. Male divisions are single elimination with the exception of three person divisions - the loser of the first match will fight the competitor that has the bye, the winner of that will move to the final.

8- Absolutes - For the white belt absolutes only the gold and silver medalists will be able to enter to compete in the absolutes. Blue belt and higher divisions the gold, silver and bronze medalists can enter the absolutes.

9 - Spectator fees - $10 per person (seniors and youth 12 and under free), parents of youth competitors are free when they check in with their child

10 - Have fun! - at the end of the day we are all here to support and participate in the sport we love: Jiu Jitsu.


Event Location

The Genesis Centre
10, 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE
Calgary, AB
T3J 0C9

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Western Canadian Championship

  • Penticton, South Okanagan Event Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


All adult/master competitors must meet the required weight for their division on the day of the event or they will be disqualified (Juveniles and younger will be allowed a 2lb weight allowance).

Adults can weigh in three hours before the scheduled start time for their division.  If you are doing gi and no-gi you only need to weigh in once. If you make your gi weight you will be recorded as having made your no-gi weight. You must register for the same weight class in no gi as for gi. If you are just doing no gi then you must make the posted no gi weight.




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2017 BC Provincial Championship


Event Photography

Photography by: Matthew Serjeant Photography & Heel Hook Photography

Black Belt Absolute Match Videos

Videos courtesy of Jeremy Brand.



Team Results

Youth Gi

Rank Academy Points
1 Alliance 56
2 Apex Martial Arts 48
3 Gravity BJJ 35
4 Budo Jiu-Jitsu Team 33

Youth No Gi

Rank Academy Points
1 Apex Martial Arts 18
2 Pacific Top Team 17
3 Budo Jiu-Jitsu Team 13
4 JR Academy 12

Adult Gi

Rank Academy Points
1 Pacific Top Team 96
2 Zuma Martial Arts 86
3 Gracie Barra 56
4 Alliance 41

Adult No Gi

Rank Academy Points
1 Island Top Team 50
2 Pacific Top Team 41
3 Alliance 31
4 Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team 18

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