All divisions are now posted...

What you need to know:

  • Kids - Divisions were made based on actual weights of the competitors so that there is never more than 10lbs between all of the kids in a division. If you are still alone in a division please contact us if you see a division you would like to move to. Remember, you can go up age, weight and skill, never down.
  • Juveniles - If you are alone in a division and you have the option to move into the adult division. Contact us to complete the waiver form.
  • Adults and Masters - We try to avoid two person divisions as much as possible so that if one person withdraws due to injury or illness then you will still have a match. If you are alone in a division we need to hear from you to know if you would like to stay there, collect your medal and then enter the open division OR  if you see somewhere you would like to move to. Competitors were moved based on age or weight in order to create the most matches for everyone. 
  • Updated Divisions