Alberta Provincial Championship Registration

We are already seeing lots of registrations rolling in for the Alberta Tournament on May 12. We are also excited to offer a no gi invitational during the tournament.

This will feature two 8-man brackets, one under 180 pounds and one over 180 pounds. These brackets are to be considered for advanced/expert players only.

In addition there will be an open weight 8-woman bracket.
These matches will be contested under IBJJF Black Belt Nogi rules with one major exception; they will allow the use of heel hooks.  By extension, reaping will no longer be a disallowed position. 

These brackets will be free of charge and the winners will get a  newly designed CBJJF championship belt.

As these brackets are in an invitational format, applications will be accepted and athletes selected based on merit and rank.  Preference will be given for previous winners/finalists of CBJJF Advanced divisions. Click here to fill out an application form.