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“I make stuff that I want to wear and roll in, based around themes I want to explore. The diversity in styles, crazy esoteric narratives, and abstract visuals, all reflect what I currently find exciting.”

- Harj, Owner & Artist/Animator

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Premium BJJ Kimonos with clean designs and other boss gear for the discerning grappler without the premium price tag!

Products that we, and our athletes are proud to stand behind.

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The place where BJJ enthusiasts go to buy BJJ gear.

It’s no accident that we just happen to be Canada’s top “gi-tailer”. We’re proudly Canadian, and it shows!

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Where the worlds of BJJ apparel and your favourite officially licensed pop-culture brands collide.

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What’s under your Gi?

What’s under your Gi?

Jiu Jitsu underwear engineered for hygiene, comfort and durability!

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